Essential Guide on Caring for Chinchillas

Caring for chinchillas is quite simple, as long as you are aware of the proper way of providing your pet its basic needs. This guide can help new pet owners in raising their chinchillas and ensure their excellent condition at all times.


 You can choose from a number of good brands of pellets or feeds that are available for your pet. One of the best brands you can find in the market is Oxbow because of its high quality and reasonable price. In feeding your pet, make sure you stick the recommended amount, which is 2 tablespoons of pellets per day. Aside from giving them pellets to eat, you may give your pet at least a handful of timothy hay a day. You can check this out at most pet supply stores where you can buy pellets, as well.

 Your chinchillas will also need fresh drinking water at all times. Keep in mind that they drink straight from a water bottle that is fastened tot he cage. Check the height of the bottle, and make sure that your pet can reach it easily.

 Just like other pets, giving treats to your chinchilla is not a bad thing; however, you should limit the amount of treats to a maximum of 2 or 3 pieces of raisins or a type of treat sticks a week. You should understand that these creatures have a sensitive digestive system, and they thrive well on pellet and hay diet only.

 One last important thing you should keep in mind in feeding your pet is by giving chew sticks occasionally. These chew sticks are something that your chinchilla can gnaw on to wear down its teeth. Inquire from your local pet supply store to purchase chew sticks specifically formulated for chinchillas.


 It is important to note that it is not healthy for chinchillas to get wet since they have dense fur that makes it impossible to air-dry. Thus, moisture tends to stay on their skin, which makes them susceptible to fungal problems. In case your pet becomes wet by accident, you may dry it with a hair dryer set in "cool" or by rubbing its fur with a towel.

 Unlike other types of household pets, chinchillas are given a dust bath at least twice a week. You can purchase dusting powder made for chinchillas from your pet supply store. In bathing your pet, prepare a large container where the chinchilla can roll around comfortably. The best container for bathing your pet is one that comes with a cover, so you can prevent fine dust from flying around the room when your chinchilla starts to roll around. The purpose of giving your pet a dust bath is to remove excess oil and dirt in its fur.


 Chinchillas are agile creature, and they enjoy jumping around more than anything. Thus, make sure you give your pet a spacious cage with numerous platforms, so it can jump freely. If you wish, you may place a box or igloo inside the cage, which they can use for sleeping and hiding.

 Since these creatures have thick fur, they are unable to tolerate intense hear, so you must place your pet in an area with a temperature less than 80 degrees. One last important fact about chinchillas is their active behavior at night. They tend to be so playful during the night, so the best place to position the cage is somewhere farther from your bedroom. This way, you can sleep peacefully while your little pets enjoy playing and jumping around in their cage.